LINDSAY - European Union Trademark Information

The trademark application for LINDSAY was filed on February 11, 2011, with 3 designated Nice Classes under EUTM trademark no. 009730003. The trademark was successfully registered on August 18, 2011.

Trademark holder Lindsay Corporation was represented by FORRESTERS (EUIPO registered representative, ID no. 10651).

No oppositions were raised during the publication period (90 days starting May 11, 2011).

Current trademark registration will expire on February 11, 2021.

Trademark Name LINDSAY Trademark No. 009730003
Type Figurative Status Registered
Filling Date February 11, 2011 Registration Date August 18, 2011
NICE Classes 7, 9, 11 Basis EUTM
Reference TM01733EM Status Date August 22, 2011
Owner Information
Owner Lindsay Corporation
Owner ID 446483
Legal Status Legal entity
Country US
Address Lindsay Corporation
2222 North 111th Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68164
Representative Information
Representative FORRESTERS
Representative ID 10651
Legal Status Legal person
Country GB
Port of Liverpool Building,
Pier Head,
Liverpool, Merseyside, L3 1AF
NICE CLASS Descriptions
Class Class Description
Machines and Machine Tools, Parts

Agricultural, sports turf, landscape, golf course and municipal portable water pumping systems and control technology; chemical and fertilizer injection units.

Computers, Software, Electronic instruments, & Scientific appliances

Electronic controls for pumps; electronic controls for agricultural irrigation units; soil moisture sensors and crop rigor monitors for agricultural use.

Appliances, Lighting, Heating, Sanitary Installations

Irrigation sprinklers for use in agricultural and commercial applications; water recycling units for commercial, domestic, municipal and industrial use incorporating a system for the collection, filtration, storage and re-use of captured rainwater for irrigation purposes and for use on golf course grounds and equipment maintenance, and not for the purpose of creating, treating, filtering, purifying, sterilizing or conditioning drinking water or other water for domestic or light commercial use.

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