COLEMAN - European Union Trademark Information

COLEMAN trademark registration was filed on June 2, 2011, and the mark was successfully registered with the EUIPO on March 5, 2012 under EUTM trademark no. 010017499.

Trademark application claimed priority of an earlier filing in United States. Priority was claimed with trademark no. 85192422 which was filed in United States on December 7, 2010.

One more priority claim was made for a trademark application from United States on December 8, 2010 with a trademark application no. 85193609.

The Coleman Company, Inc., who is the trademark holder was represented by MEWBURN ELLIS LLP (EUIPO registered representative, ID no. 10577).

There were no raised oppositions across the publication period. The 90 day opposition period for this mark starts on November 25, 2011.

Expiration date for the current trademark registration is June 2, 2021.

Trademark Name COLEMAN Trademark No. 010017499
Type Figurative Status Registered
Filling Date June 2, 2011 Registration Date March 5, 2012
NICE Classes 19, 20 Basis EUTM
Reference KJM/FT6741110 Status Date March 7, 2012
Owner Information
Owner The Coleman Company, Inc.
Owner ID 5792
Legal Status Legal entity
Country US
Address The Coleman Company, Inc.
3600 North Hydraulic Avenue
Wichita, Kansas 67219
Representative Information
Representative MEWBURN ELLIS LLP
Representative ID 10577
Legal Status Legal person
Country GB
City Tower
40 Basinghall Street
NICE CLASS Descriptions
Class Class Description
Construction Materials (building - non metallic)

Rubber and plastic molded flooring, all of which are marketed for use in garages, utility rooms, storage spaces, sheds and workshops.

Furniture, Mirrors

Ready-to-assemble and modular storage systems, namely cabinetry, shelving, workbenches, tool hangers, tool benches, slat walls, racking, ceiling hanging devices, and bike racks all of which are marketed for use in garages, utility rooms, storage spaces, sheds and workshops.

Country Number Date Status
United States 85192422 December 7, 2010 Accepted
United States 85193609 December 8, 2010 Refused

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