DIRECTV - European Union Trademark Information

DIRECTV trademark registration was filed on June 29, 2011, and the mark was successfully registered with the EUIPO on December 1, 2011 under EUTM trademark no. 010083988.

The DIRECTV Group, Inc., who is the trademark holder was represented by DE GAULLE FLEURANCE & ASSOCIES (EUIPO registered representative, ID no. 21706).

There were no raised oppositions across the publication period. The 90 day opposition period for this mark starts on August 24, 2011.

Expiration date for the current trademark registration is June 29, 2021.

Trademark Name DIRECTV Trademark No. 010083988
Type Figurative Status Registered
Filling Date June 29, 2011 Registration Date December 1, 2011
NICE Classes 9, 35, 38, 41, 42 Basis EUTM
Reference 901DIRECTVCycloneDesign Status Date December 5, 2011
Owner Information
Owner The DIRECTV Group, Inc.
Owner ID 42189
Legal Status Legal entity
Country US
Address The DIRECTV Group, Inc.
2230 East Imperial Highway
El Segundo, California 90245
Representative Information
Representative ID 21706
Legal Status Legal person
Country FR
9, rue Boissy d'Anglas
F-75008 Paris
NICE CLASS Descriptions
Class Class Description
Computers, Software, Electronic instruments, & Scientific appliances

Telecommunications equipment; telecommunications equipment, namely, receivers, receiver modules, decoder boxes, satellite dishes, remote controllers, video display devices, television sets and video monitors, antennas, modems, computer controlling hardware and software for use in the aforementioned goods; telecommunications equipment, namely, set-top boxes and digital video recorders; installation hardware primarily comprising cables, phone cords, cable ties, cable clips, ground wire, phone adapters, and parts for the aforesaid goods, and accessories, namely, telephone jacks, chimney mounts and surge protectors; computer software for use with telecommunications products; portable and/or hand-held electronic devices for receiving, playing and transmitting music, audio, visual, text, signals, information and software for use in the aforementioned goods; computer software for use in accessing and viewing interactive television program guides via computer networks, wireless networks and electronic communication networks; computer software for the remote programming of audio and video devices via computer networks, wireless networks and electronic communication networks; computer software for the reproduction, processing and streaming of audio, video and multimedia content; computer software and computer programs for distribution to, and for use by, viewers of a digital television channel for the viewing and purchase of goods and services; computer games software; computer programs for interactive television and for interactive games; credit cards; loyalty cards; electronic publications (downloadable), including electronic publications, magazines and newsletters; online publications, including newspapers, magazines (periodicals).

Advertising, Business Consulting

Home shopping services for others dedicated to consumer goods in the sectors of care, beauty and personal hygiene products, products for animals, namely food, game accessories, grooming accessories for pets, perfumes and cosmetics articles, clothing and fashion accessories, textile materials, haberdashery articles, leather goods, jewellery, watches, eyewear, decoration articles, namely mirrors, curtains, lamps, carpets, picture frames, furniture, boxes, candles and household linen, tableware, linens, fitting of house, namely, bathroom fittings, electrical fittings, equipment for house (indoor and outdoor), namely household electrical appliances, multimedia equipments and garden equipments, food stuffs, gardening articles, do-it-yourself, namely equipments for DÏY home, entertainment and recreation, namely multimedia games, board games, telecommunications equipments, sports articles and games, travel, namely travel adapters, Global Positioning System (GPS), travel guides, travel games, travel iron and travel hairdryer, overnight bags, travel bags, travel lamps, photography equipments, film, media and publishing, namely DVDs, books, magazines, telecommunications equipments, music, namely CDs and downloadable music, stationery, household appliances, audiovisual, namely multimedia equipments, audio and video equipments, telecommunications apparatus, telephony equipments (including mobile), computer equipments, products for cars and paper goods; retail on-line store services of consumer goods namely clothing, paper goods and telecommunications equipments; advertising and promotional services; advertising services, namely, preparing, placing and disseminating informational and promotional advertisements via television programming, via satellite, via interactive television and via online electronic communications networks; dissemination of advertising for others via communications networks; rental of advertising space; customer loyalty services and customer club services for commercial, promotional and/or advertising purposes; loyalty card services; demographic and consumer research services; providing market research and consumer research and consulting services, namely, conducting and analyzing consumer surveys and advertising and marketing studies; collecting data information and providing reports and analysis concerning consumer viewing and usage habits and behaviour.


Telecommunication services; satellite television broadcasting services; broadcasting via a computer network; pay-per-view transmission services; on-demand video transmission services; streaming and live streaming of audio and video content; providing and processing interactive access to information via an electronic communication network; electronic mail services; delivery of messages by electronic transmission; electronic transmission of data via global computer networks, wireless networks and electronic communication networks; providing access to computer networks, wireless networks and telecommunication networks for transmission or receipt of data; satellite, cable, DSL and broadband broadcasting and/or transmission of audio and/or audio visual content; telecommunications services dedicated to retailing goods and services through interactive communications with customers; interactive television services being telecommunications and/or communications and/or broadcasting and/or transmission services; interactive services for television viewers including those watching on mobile telephones and PCs being telecommunications and/or communications and/or broadcasting and/or transmission services; home communication services including digital broadcast satellite television, high-speed Internet and phone; communication by fibre optic networks; communication by computer terminals; information about telecommunications; computer aided transmission of messages and images; satellite transmission; cable television broadcasting; rental and leasing of communications apparatus; providing access to computer applications viewable simultaneously during television programming for entertainment purposes; providing access to third party computer applications viewable simultaneously during television programming for entertainment purposes; providing access to the use of computer applications viewable simultaneously during television programming; entertainment services, namely, providing access to the use of third party computer applications viewable simultaneously during television programming; providing a functionality whereby audio files, video files, photographs, images and other multimedia content can be shared and viewed between computers, set-top-boxes and other audiovisual devices for entertainment purposes; cable, internet, and telecommunications services, namely, providing for telecommunications services for home builders and homeowners.

Education, Amusement, Entertainment, Reproduction

Distribution of television programs for others; television programming; television production; programming on a computer network; pay-per-view programming; video-on-demand programming; entertainment services, namely, providing pre-recorded music and information in the field of music; providing on-line interactive computer databases featuring television programming lists, schedules and related information; providing on-line interactive computer databases in the field of entertainment, namely, television, movies and other digital images, audio, video and other multimedia content; entertainment services, namely, providing on-line computer games; providing a computer game that may be accessed network-wide by network users; entertainment services, namely, providing interactive television channels featuring multiple images from simultaneously airing television programming; entertainment services, namely, an interactive functionality providing general, localized news and information relating to specific geographic areas; entertainment services, namely, an interactive functionality that provides geographical, categorical, real-time programming ratings; entertainment services, namely, an interactive channel providing general information relating to satellite television service, satellite television equipment and hardware, satellite television programming and audio, visual and other multimedia content; On-line publications featuring general information relating to entertainment, namely, television, movies and other multimedia content; on-line newsletters featuring general information relating to satellite telecommunication services and satellite telecommunications hardware; television entertainment; entertainment information; providing computer games via satellite transmission.

Scientific and technological services and research and design relating thereto

Software as a service provider (SAAS services); computer services enabling computer data information, namely, providing online databases featuring general and local news and information to specific geographic areas; data conversion of electronic information; providing temporary use of non-downloadable computer software for use in database management, analysis, and report building, in the field of advertising, media signal reception, signal receiving audience demographics and behavior, broadcast and cable television ratings, computer usage, access behavior of users of the global computer network, and information about global computer network usage and browsing; Internet services, namely, computer security services in the nature of restricting access to and by computer networks to and of undesired web sites, media, and individuals and facilities; technical support services, namely, troubleshooting of computer hardware and software that access a global computer network via telephone, electronic mail, fiber and coaxial cable; operating electronic information networks; design in the field of telecommunications and computerized communications; authentication services in the fields of telecommunications and network services; design for others in the field of computerized communications and data networks; design and development of computer hardware and software including online technical storage facilities, online technical back-up services, online technical back-up facilities, software as a service [SAAS] services and electronic hosting of files, data, photographs, graphics, documents, videos, images, audio files, audio-visual files, visual files, computer files, computer applications, information for others; computer services for interactive communications and broadcasting; installation, rental and maintenance of computer software; computer services relating to entertainment, education, retrieval of information and data via telephone line, cable, wire or fibre, database or computer network; computer services for retrieving information, messages, text sound, images and data via a computer network, computer services for relating to radio and television programs; home computer services namely computer consultancy, installation, repair and maintenance of computer software, updating software and computer support services; computer services, namely the organization of an infrastructure to enable television subscribers to access internet services via the television; design, installation, maintenance or updating of computer software; computer programming services; internet walled garden services; rental or leasing of computer hardware or software; computer services for on-line shopping; computer services relating to the processing of orders and payments; provision of non-downloadable computer software for transmitting, receiving, synchronizing, displaying, backing-up, monitoring, controlling, sharing, coding, decoding, encrypting, accessing, remotely accessing, creating, collecting, storing, securing, removing, transferring, disseminating, locating, organizing or otherwise utilizing data, voice, multimedia, audio, visual, music, photographs, drawings, images, audiovisual, video, text, graphics or other data, including over a global communications network; application service provider services; technical advisory services including these services provided by a helpline; provision of software updates electronically; provision of interactive calendars from a computer database or over the internet; consultancy, information and advisory services relating to all the aforesaid services; information relating to all the aforementioned services provided on-line from a computer database or via a helpline or the Internet; design of systems of telecommunication; technical assistance in the field of telecommunication; technical assistance dedicated to the exploitation of telecommunication networks; technical expertise for the implementation of telecommunication terminal; enabling the use of computer applications viewable simultaneously during television programming; enabling the use of third party computer applications viewable simultaneously during television programming.

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