BADGER - European Union Trademark Information

BADGER trademark registration was filed on July 28, 2011, and the mark was successfully registered with the EUIPO on December 29, 2011 under EUTM trademark no. 010158137.

Technip Process Technology, Inc., who is the trademark holder was represented by MÜLLER SCHUPFER & PARTNER PATENT- UND RECHTSANWALTSPARTNERSCHAFT MBB (EUIPO registered representative, ID no. 11590).

There were no raised oppositions across the publication period. The 90 day opposition period for this mark starts on September 21, 2011.

Expiration date for the current trademark registration is July 28, 2021.

Trademark Name BADGER Trademark No. 010158137
Type Figurative Status Registered
Filling Date July 28, 2011 Registration Date December 29, 2011
NICE Classes 37, 42 Basis EUTM
Reference 3144392 Status Date January 2, 2012
Owner Information
Owner Technip Process Technology, Inc.
Owner ID 527311
Legal Status Legal entity
Country US
Address Technip Process Technology, Inc.
1430 Enclave Parkway
Houston, Texas 77077
Representative Information
Representative ID 11590
Legal Status Legal person
Country DE
Address Müller Schupfer & Partner Patent- und Rechtsanwaltspartnerschaft mbB
Schellerdamm 19
D-21079 Hamburg
NICE CLASS Descriptions
Class Class Description
Construction, Repair, Cleaning

Construction of industrial plants, such as chemical manufacturing and/or process plants, including the procurement of construction materials and construction of buildings and roads ancillary to said plants.

Scientific and technological services and research and design relating thereto

Evaluation, design, and engineering of industrial processes and plants, particularly for manufacturing and/or processing of chemicals and initial operation of said processes and plants; analysis, planning, and supervision of maintenance operations for process industries.

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