Proximus - European Union Trademark Information

Proximus trademark registration was filed on October 21, 2011, and the mark was successfully registered with the EUIPO on March 22, 2012 under EUTM trademark no. 010359099.

STREAK PRODUCTS INC., who is the trademark holder was represented by IPSIDE (EUIPO registered representative, ID no. 28896).

There were no raised oppositions across the publication period. The 90 day opposition period for this mark starts on December 14, 2011.

Expiration date for the current trademark registration is October 21, 2021.

Trademark Name Proximus Trademark No. 010359099
Type Figurative Status Registered
Filling Date October 21, 2011 Registration Date March 22, 2012
NICE Classes 9, 28 Basis EUTM
Reference MK143623/GM/ECO Status Date March 26, 2012
Owner Information
Owner ID 428262
Legal Status Legal entity
Country US
11 Harbor Park Drive
Port Washington, New York 11050
Representative Information
Representative IPSIDE
Representative ID 28896
Legal Status Legal person
Country FR
Address IPSIDE
29, rue de Lisbonne
F-75008 Paris
NICE CLASS Descriptions
Class Class Description
Computers, Software, Electronic instruments, & Scientific appliances

Television sets; audiovisual receivers; DVD players; audio speakers; portable DVD players; video projectors; movie projectors; multimedia projectors; audio-video cables; video cameras; digital cameras; GPS; audio equipment for vehicles, namely, stereos, speakers, amplifiers, equalizers, crossovers and speaker housings; remote controls for DVD players; digital audio players; satellite radios; fiber optic repeaters; audio amplifiers for cars; audio speakers for cars; subwoofers; subwoofers for cars; compact disc changers; stereo tuners; TV antennas; power controllers; video recorders; digital voice recorders; devices for hands-free use of mobile phones; digital photo printers; digital photo frames for displaying digital pictures; cellular phone accessories, namely, headsets; cell phone battery chargers; portable media players; remote controls for television, radios and stereos; calibration software for television and video display monitors; security equipment, namely, security cameras, digital video recorders, video tape recorders, streaming video and computer hardware and software for monitoring security camera functions, computer controlled surveillance systems.

Games, Toys, Sports Equipment

Remote control toys, namely, helicopters.

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