KnowledgeLake - European Union Trademark Information

KnowledgeLake trademark registration was filed on December 6, 2011, and the mark was successfully registered with the EUIPO on May 3, 2012 under EUTM trademark no. 010471068.

Knowledgelake, Inc., who is the trademark holder was represented by WITHERS & ROGERS LLP (EUIPO registered representative, ID no. 10100).

There were no raised oppositions across the publication period. The 90 day opposition period for this mark starts on January 25, 2012.

Expiration date for the current trademark registration is December 6, 2021.

Trademark Name KnowledgeLake Trademark No. 010471068
Type Figurative Status Registered
Filling Date December 6, 2011 Registration Date May 3, 2012
NICE Classes 9, 42 Basis EUTM
Reference T338801CTM/MAA Status Date May 7, 2012
Owner Information
Owner Knowledgelake, Inc.
Owner ID 484664
Legal Status Legal entity
Country US
Address Knowledgelake, Inc.
6 CityPlace Drive, Suite 500
Saint Louis, Missouri 63141
Representative Information
Representative WITHERS & ROGERS LLP
Representative ID 10100
Legal Status Legal person
Country GB
4 More London Riverside
London SE1 2AU
NICE CLASS Descriptions
Class Class Description
Computers, Software, Electronic instruments, & Scientific appliances

Computer software applications in the field of enterprise productivity.

Scientific and technological services and research and design relating thereto

Consulting services in the fields of design, selection, implementation and use of computer hardware and software systems in the field of enterprise productivity; computer consultation in the nature of document and data capture in the field of enterprise productivity; computer software application design in the field of enterprise productivity.

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