@-ccessories - European Union Trademark Information

@-ccessories trademark registration was filed on May 4, 2015, and the mark was successfully registered with the EUIPO on August 27, 2015 under EUTM trademark no. 014023808.

Müller & Meirer Lederwarenfabrik GmbH, who is the trademark holder was represented by Christian Clemens Traumann (EUIPO registered representative, ID no. 13033).

There were no raised oppositions across the publication period. The 90 day opposition period for this mark starts on May 20, 2015.

Expiration date for the current trademark registration is May 4, 2025.

Trademark Name @-ccessories Trademark No. 014023808
Type Word Status Registered
Filling Date May 4, 2015 Registration Date August 27, 2015
NICE Classes 9, 18, 25 Basis EUTM
Reference 12/a/10055 Status Date August 31, 2015
Owner Information
Owner Müller & Meirer Lederwarenfabrik GmbH
Owner ID 155158
Legal Status Legal entity
Country DE
Address Müller & Meirer Lederwarenfabrik GmbH
Am Markt 8
D-55606 Kirn
Representative Information
Representative Christian Clemens Traumann
Representative ID 13033
Legal Status Individual
Country DE
Address Christian Clemens Traumann
Dr.-Karl-Aschoff-Str. 16A
D-55543 Bad Kreuznach
NICE CLASS Descriptions
Class Class Description
Computers, Software, Electronic instruments, & Scientific appliances

Scientific, nautical, surveying, photographic, cinematographic, optical, weighing, measuring, signalling, checking (supervision), life-saving and teaching apparatus and instruments; Apparatus and instruments for conducting, switching, transforming, accumulating, regulating or controlling electricity; Apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images; Magnetic data carriers, recording discs; Compact discs, DVDs and other digital recording media; Mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus; Cash registers, calculating machines, data processing equipment, computers; Computer software; Fire-extinguishing apparatus; Racks (Photographic -); Branch boxes [electricity]; Adding machines; Aerometers; Batteries, electric; Electric batteries for vehicles; Battery jars; Battery boxes; Acoustic couplers; Alarms; Sound alarms; Alarm bells, electric; Whistle alarms; Alcoholmeters; Ammeters; Testing apparatus not for medical purposes; Armatures [electricity]; Starter cables for motors; Anodes; Anode batteries; Answering machines; Junction boxes [electricity]; Connections for electric lines; Antennas; Anticathodes; Apertometers [optics]; X-rays producing apparatus and installations, not for medical purposes; Astronomy (Apparatus and instruments for -); Distance recording apparatus; Apparatus for measuring the thickness of skins; Oxygen transvasing apparatus; Appliances for measuring the thickness of leather; Railway traffic safety appliances; Mirrors for inspecting work; Asbestos clothing for protection against fire; Asbestos gloves for protection against accidents; Asbestos screens for firemen; Breathing apparatus, except for artificial respiration; Breathing apparatus for underwater swimming; Respiratory masks, other than for artificial respiration; Respirators for filtering air; Shutter releases; Balancing apparatus; Steering apparatus, automatic, for vehicles; Azimuth instruments; Barometers; Batteries, electric; Limiters [electricity]; Light meters; Petrol gauges; Observation instruments; Betatrons; Downloadable music files; Phototelegraphy apparatus; Video telephones; Galena crystals [detectors]; Diaphragms [photography]; Anti-glare glasses; Anti-dazzle shades; Flashing lights [luminous signals]; Surge arresters; Flashlamps for cameras; Flash bulbs; Furnaces for laboratory use; Letter scales; Spectacles [optics]; Spectacle cases; Spectacle frames; Lenses for eyeglasses; Weighbridges; Incubators for bacteria culture; Compact disc players; Chemistry apparatus and instruments; Integrated circuit chips; Chromatography apparatus for laboratory use; Chronographs [time recording apparatus]; Magnetic encoders; Encoded identification bracelets, magnetic; Cd roms; Discs (Compact -) [audio-video]; Recorded computer programs; Recorded computer software; Computer operating programs, recorded; Peripherals adapted for use with computers; Programs (Computer -) [downloadable software]; Electronic game programs; Computer keyboards; Crash test dummies; Data processing apparatus; Decompression chambers; Decorative magnets; Densimeters; Densitometers; Distillation apparatus for scientific purposes; Stills for laboratory experiments; Detectors; Diagnostic apparatus, not for medical purposes; Transparencies [photography]; Transparency projection apparatus; Theft prevention installations, electric; Anti-theft warning apparatus; Diffraction apparatus [microscopy]; Digital photo frames; Dictating machines; Regulators [dimmers] (Light -), electric; Alidades; Diskettes; Disk drives for computers; DNA chips; Dosimeters; Fuse wire; Revolution counters; Inductor coils; Printers for computers; Pressure measuring apparatus; Pressure indicators; Tires (Automatic indicators of low pressure in vehicle -); Lamps (Darkroom -) [photography]; Darkrooms [photography]; DVD players; Dynamometers; Egg-candlers; Socks, electrically heated; Electric installations for the remote control of industrial operations; Ignition (Electric apparatus for remote -); Electronic locks; Coils, electric; Electricity transformers; Resistances, electric; Electric wires; Electric cables; Capacitors; Electrolysers; Electromagnetic coils; Electron tubes; Electronic notice boards; Electronic publications, downloadable; Electronic pens; Electronic agendas; Electrified fences; Audio- and video-receivers; Telemeters; Distance measuring apparatus; Discharge tubes, electric, other than for lighting; Demagnetizing apparatus for magnetic tapes; Anti-interference devices [electricity]; Epidiascopes; Ergometers; Waling glasses; Ticket dispensers; Milage recorders for vehicles; Invoicing machines; False coin detectors; Fax devices; Binoculars; Circuit breakers; Teletypewriters; TV sets; Telephones; Electro-dynamic apparatus for the remote control of railway points; Remote control apparatus; Fire boats; Fire blankets; Fire extinguishers; Fire engines; Fire pumps; Fire alarms; Fire beaters; Fireproof clothing; Fireproof garments; Fire hose; Exposed film; Cinematographic apparatus; Film cutting apparatus; Filters for respiratory masks; Camera filters; Fluorescent screens; Cameras; Photovoltaic cells; Photocopiers; Photometers; Franking (Apparatus to check -); Hands free kits for phones; Frequency meters; Spark-guards; Masts for wireless aerials; Radiotelephony sets; Radiotelegraphy sets; Batteries, electric; Batteries, electric; Galvanometers; Fermentation (Apparatus for -) [laboratory apparatus]; Gas testing instruments; Gasometers [measuring instruments]; Printed circuit boards; Printed circuits; Teller machines (Automated -) [ATM]; Juke boxes, musical; Money counting and sorting machines; Speed indicators; Speed checking apparatus for vehicles; Speed measuring apparatus [photography]; Speed regulators for record players; Workmen's protective face-shields; Weights; Screw-tapping gauges; Grids for batteries; Glass covered with an electrical conductor; Retorts; Global Positioning System [GPS] apparatus; Semiconductors; Holders for electric coils; Wrist rests for use with computers; High-frequency apparatus; Altimeters; Holograms; Dog whistles; Hydrometers; Hygrometers; Identity cards, magnetic; Electrical inductors; Interfaces for computers; Ionization apparatus not for the treatment of air or water; Electricity conduits; Identification threads for electric wires; Identification sheaths for electric wires; Wire connectors [electricity]; Sheaths for electric cables; Slide calipers; Calibrating rings; Capillary tubes; Smart cards; Cassette players; Plates (Carriers for dark -) [photography]; Cathodes; Boiler control instruments; Cinematographic film, exposed; Switchboxes [electricity]; Optical character readers; Terminals [electricity]; Push buttons for bells; Bells [warning devices]; Downloadable ring tones for mobile phones; Gradient indicators; Spectacles [optics]; Eyeglass cases; Eyeglass frames; Pince-nez chains; Pince-nez cords; Knee-pads for workers; Coaxial cables; Encoded magnetic cards; Collectors, electric; Comparators; Directional compasses; Contacts, electric; Contact lenses; Containers for contact lenses; Regulating apparatus, electric; Headphones; Couplers [data processing equipment]; Correcting lenses [optics]; Cosmographic instruments; Jackets [bullet proof]; Copper wire, insulated; Electric couplings; Laboratory trays; Laboratory centrifuges; Chargers for electric batteries; Chargers for electric batteries; Lactometers; Lactometers; Surveying instruments; Sleeves for laptops; Laptop computers; Computers; Computer carrying cases; Lasers, not for medical purposes; Magic lanterns; Loudspeakers; Speaker enclosures; Gauges; Jigs [measuring instruments]; Electrical conductors; Ducts [electricity]; Readers [data processing equipment]; Beacons, luminous; Light-emitting diodes [LED]; Luminous signs; Light-emitting electronic pointers; Blueprint apparatus; Heliographic apparatus; Rules [measuring instruments]; Punched card machines for offices; Logs [measuring instruments]; Plumb lines; Sounding apparatus and machines; Air analysis apparatus; Magnifying glasses; Magnetic tapes; Magnetic tape units for computers; Magnetic data carriers; Magnetic wires; Magnets; Disks, magnetic; Solenoid valves [electromagnetic switches]; Manometers; Marker buoys; Solderers' helmets; Electricity mains (Materials for -) [wires, cables]; Material testing instruments and machines; Mathematical instruments; Mouse [computer peripheral]; Mouse mats; Measures; Coin-operated mechanisms; Counter-operated apparatus (Mechanisms for -); Coin-operated mechanisms for television sets; Megaphones; Diaphragms for scientific apparatus; Quantity indicators; Measuring apparatus; Measuring devices, electric; Measuring glassware; Measuring instruments; Measuring spoons; Levelling staffs [surveying instruments]; Plane tables [surveying instruments]; Metal detectors for industrial or military purposes; Meteorological balloons; Meteorological instruments; Dressmakers' measures; Rules [measuring instruments]; Microphones; Micrometer gauges; Micrometer screws for optical instruments; Microprocessors; Microscopes; Microtomes; Radiotelephones; Modems; Monitors [computer hardware]; Monitors [computer programs]; Cinematographic film (Apparatus for editing -); Teeth protectors; Downloadable music files; Food analysis apparatus; Nose clips for divers and swimmers; Nautical apparatus and instruments; Vehicles (Navigation apparatus for -) [on-board computers]; Navigational instruments; Fog signals, non-explosive; Neon signs; Levelling instruments; Levelling instruments; Slide calipers; Notebook computers; Lenses for astrophotography; Objectives [lenses] [optics]; Containers for microscope slides; Ohmmeters; Ear plugs for divers; Octants; Eyepieces (Instruments containing -); Eyepieces; Opticians' goods; Optical apparatus and instruments; Optical data carriers; Fiber optic cables; Optical fibers; Optical condensers; Optical lanterns; Optical lenses; Optical discs; Optical glass; Oscillographs; Ozonisers [ozonators]; Parking meters; Pedometers; Periscopes; Radio pagers; Petri dishes; Physics (Apparatus and instruments for -); Pipettes; Planimeters; Plates for batteries; Record players; Juke boxes for computers; Plotters; Polarimeters; Cases fitted with dissecting instruments [microscopy]; Precision measuring apparatus; Precision balances; Prisms [optics]; Projection apparatus; Projection screens; Pyrometers; Mercury levels; Radar apparatus; Radiological apparatus for industrial purposes; Radios; Vehicle radios; Frames for photographic transparencies; Centering apparatus for photographic transparencies; Screens for photoengraving; Smoke detectors; Test tubes; Abacuses; Calculators; Circular slide rules; Slide-rules; Reflecting discs for wear, for the prevention of traffic accidents; Refractometers; Refractors; Cash registers; Stage lighting regulators; Head cleaning tapes [recording]; Cleaning apparatus for sound recording discs; Riding helmets; Relays, electric; Retorts' stands; Life buoys; Life-saving rafts; Fire escapes; Safety nets; Safety tarpaulins; Lifebelts; Life saving apparatus and equipment; Life vests; Rheostats; Levels [instruments for determining the horizontal]; Cell phone straps; Hemline markers; X-ray apparatus not for medical purposes; X-ray photographs, other than for medical purposes; X-ray films, exposed; X-ray tubes not for medical purposes; Radiology screens for industrial purposes; Cathodic anti-corrosion apparatus; Saccharometers; Salinometers; Hourglasses; Needles for record players; Satellites for scientific purposes; Satellite navigational apparatus; Glazing apparatus for photographic prints; Acid hydrometers; Acidimeters for batteries; Scanners [data processing equipment]; Acoustic conduits; Diaphragms [acoustics]; Recording discs; Horns for loudspeakers; Switchboards; Commutators; Switches, electric; Switchgear [electric]; Integrated circuits; Distribution consoles [electricity]; Electricity control panels; Slide calipers; Marine compasses; Naval signalling apparatus; Mechanical signs; Screens [photography]; Fuses; Crucibles [laboratory]; Scales (Lever -) [steelyards]; Protective suits for aviators; Gloves for protection against X-rays for industrial purposes; Head protection; Protective helmets for sports; Protective masks; Protection devices against X-rays, not for medical purposes; Transmitting sets [telecommunication]; Transmitters of electronic signals; Transmitters [telecommunication]; Sounding leads; Plumb lines; Sounding lines; Sextants; Safety restraints, other than for vehicle seats and sports equipment; Electronic tags for goods; Signals, luminous or mechanical; Signaling buoys; Electro-dynamic apparatus for the remote control of signals; Signal bells; Signal lanterns; Signalling whistles; Signalling panels, luminous or mechanical; Silicon wafers; Simulators for the steering and control of vehicles; Sirens; Sonars; Probes for scientific purposes; Solar batteries; Sunglasses; Voltage regulators for vehicles; Computer memory devices; Spectrograph apparatus; Spectroscopes; Clothing especially made for laboratories; Cases especially made for photographic apparatus and instruments; Furniture especially made for laboratories; Spherometers; Mirrors [optics]; Sports glasses; Speaking tubes; Sprinkler systems for fire protection; Spools [photography]; Stands for photographic apparatus; Camera tripods; Pitot tubes; Clocks (Time -) [time recording devices]; Plugs, sockets and other contacts [electric connections]; Covers for electric outlets; Stereoscopes; Stereoscopic apparatus; Actinometers; Fire hose nozzles; Road signs, luminous or mechanical; Marking gauges [joinery]; Bar code readers; Stroboscopes; Lighting ballasts; Rectifiers; Electrified rails for mounting spot lights; Circuit closers; Circuit breakers; Electric loss indicators; Converters, electric; Inverters [electricity]; Viewfinders, photographic; Sulfitometers; Buzzers; Tachometers; Metronomes; Pocket calculators; Electronic pocket translators; Diving suits; Gloves for divers; Divers' masks; Taximeters; Particle accelerators; Telephone wires; Telephone receivers; Telephone transmitters; Telegraph wires; Telegraphs [apparatus]; Teleprompters; Telescopes; Temperature indicating apparatus; Temperature indicator labels, not for medical purposes; Theodolites; Thermometers, not for medical purposes; Temperature controlling apparatus; Thermostats for vehicles; Tone arms for record players; Sound recording strips; Apparatus for recording sound; Tape recorders; Sound locating instruments; Sound recording carriers; Apparatus for the transmission of sound; Amplifiers; Apparatus for the reproduction of sound; Totalizators; Portable media players; Personal stereos; Walkie-talkies; Step-up transformers; Transistors [electronic]; Transponders; Triodes; Drying apparatus for photographic prints; Drying racks [photography]; Peepholes [magnifying lenses] for doors; Electric door bells; Voltage surge protectors; Mains monitoring apparatus (Electric -); Mannequins (Resuscitation -) [teaching apparatus]; Filters for ultraviolet rays, for photography; Shoes for protection against accidents, irradiation and fire; Clothing for protection against accidents, irradiation and fire; Gloves for protection against accidents; Nets for protection against accidents; Protection devices for personal use against accidents; Teaching apparatus; Audiovisual teaching apparatus; Urinometers; USB flash drives; Vacuum gauges; Vacuum tubes [radio]; Variometers; Pressure indicator plugs for valves; Junction sleeves for electric cables; Connectors [electricity]; Enlarging apparatus [photography]; Light (Traffic- -) apparatus [signalling devices]; Traffic cones; Surveying apparatus and instruments; Surveying chains; Shutters [photography]; Amplifying tubes; Distribution boxes [electricity]; Distribution boards [electricity]; Videotapes; Video screens; Camcorders; Video cassettes; Video recorders; Video game cartridges; Viscosimeters; Voltmeters; Record player needles (Apparatus for changing -); Close-up lenses; Balancing apparatus; Weighing apparatus and instruments; Weighbridges; Voting machines; Heat regulating apparatus; Vehicle breakdown warning triangles; Washing trays [photography]; Water level indicators; Marine depth finders; Bubble levels; Intercommunication apparatus; Wavemeters; Anemometers; Wind socks for indicating wind direction; Carpenters' rules; Protractors [measuring instruments]; Rods for water diviners; Meters; Animated cartoons; Time recording apparatus; Time switches, automatic; Reducers [electricity]; Central processing units; Telescopic sights for firearms; Compasses [measuring instruments]; Batteries for lighting; Cyclotrons.

Leather and Substitute Goods

Leather and imitations of leather, and goods made of these materials and not included in other classes, namely animal skins, hides; Trunks and travelling bags; Umbrellas and parasols; Walking sticks; Whips, harness and saddlery; Briefbags; Pouch baby carriers; Slings for carrying infants; Beach bags; Covers for animals; Alpenstocks; Harness fittings; Wallets; Bags for campers; Skins of chamois, other than for cleaning purposes; Kid; Attache cases; Cases, of leather or leatherboard; Net bags for shopping; Shopping bags; Casings, of leather, for springs; Coverings of skins [furs]; Umbrella or parasol ribs; Feed bags; Bits for animals [harness]; Purses; Animal harnesses; Skin (Goldbeaters' -); Rubber parts for stirrups; Collars for animals; Valises; Suitcases; Suitcase handles; Handbags; Handbag frames; Cattle skins; Curried skins; Horseshoes; Hat boxes of leather; Bags (Game -) [hunting accessories]; Card cases [notecases]; Cases, of leather or leatherboard; Boxes of vulcanised fibre; Chain mesh purses; Sling bags for carrying infants; Chin straps, of leather; Garment bags for travel; Cat o' nine tails; Knee-pads for horses; Vanity cases, not fitted; Leather, unworked or semi-worked; Leather thread; Straps (Leather -); Imitation leather; Leather leashes; Leatherboard; Straps of leather [saddlery]; Leather thongs; Laces (Leather -); Valves of leather; Straps for soldiers' equipment; Muzzles; Trimmings of leather for furniture; Furniture coverings of leather; Moleskin [imitation of leather]; Music cases; Whips; Hides; Horse blankets; Head-stalls; Horse collars; Umbrellas; Umbrella handles; Traveling trunks; Trunks [luggage]; Traveling bags [leatherware]; Holdalls; Butts [parts of hides]; Backpacks; Bags for climbers; Riding saddles; Saddle trees; Saddle cloths for horses; Fastenings for saddles; Saddlery; Blinders [harness]; Umbrella covers; Frames for umbrellas or parasols; Umbrella rings; Umbrella sticks; Straps for skates; Keycases; Satchels; Leather shoulder belts; Walking stick seats; Parasols; Sport bags; Stirrups; Stirrup leathers; Walking sticks; Cane handles; Casual bags; Wheeled shopping bags; Hides; Haversacks; Bridoons; Saddle cloths for horses; Envelopes, of leather, for packaging; Tool bags of leather, empty; Gut for making sausages; Harness straps; Reins; Horse bridles; Traces [harness].

Clothing, Footwear and Headgear

Clothing, footwear, headgear; Heels; Heelpieces for footwear; Suits; Babies' pants [clothing]; Layettes [clothing]; Swimming costumes; Bathing drawers; Bathrobes; Swimming caps; Bath sandals; Bath slippers; Bandanas [neckerchiefs]; Berets; Leg warmers; Clothing of imitations of leather; Motorists' clothing; Clothing; Paper clothing; Visors [headwear]; Boas [necklets]; Teddies [undergarments]; Brassieres; Chasubles; Gowns; Shower caps; Insoles; Pocket squares; Masquerade costumes; Mittens; Fishing vests; Football boots; Footmuffs, not electrically heated; Gabardines [clothing]; Goloshes; Gaiters; Belts (Money -) [clothing]; Non-slipping devices for footwear; Belts [clothing]; Clothing for gymnastics; Gymnastic shoes; Ankle boots; Scarves; Gloves [clothing]; Slips [undergarments]; Shirt yokes; Shirts; Shirt fronts; Wooden shoes; Trousers; Trouser straps; Stocking suspenders; Girdles; Hats; Frames (Hat -) [skeletons]; Jackets [clothing]; Jumpers; Jackets (Stuff -) [clothing]; Bodices [lingerie]; Skull caps; Hoods [clothing]; Linings (Ready-made -) [parts of clothing]; Pockets for clothing; Ready-to-wear clothing; Hats; Camisoles; Corsets; Shoulder wraps; Detachable collars; Neckties; Ascots; Short-sleeve shirts; Bibs, not of paper; Leather clothing; Leggings [trousers]; Underwear; Liveries; Maniples; Cuffs; Coats; Pelisses; Mantillas; Corselets; Miters [hats]; Robes; Muffs [clothing]; Caps [headwear]; Cap peaks; Outerclothing; Ear muffs [clothing]; Combinations [clothing]; Slippers; Hats (Paper -) [clothing]; Parkas; Pelerines; Furs [clothing]; Petticoats; Ponchos; Pullovers; Pyjamas; Cyclists' clothing; Welts for footwear; Mackintoshes; Skirts; Sandals; Saris; Sarongs; Neck scarfs [mufflers]; Sashes for wear; Sleep masks; Veils [clothing]; Wimples; Knickers; Lace boots; Fittings of metal for footwear; Footwear; Footwear soles; Footwear uppers; Tips for footwear; Footwear; Smocks; Aprons [clothing]; Dress shields; Ski gloves; Ski boots; Skorts; Briefs; Socks; Sock suspenders; Athletics shoes; Sneakers; Boots; Boot uppers; Headbands [clothing]; Espadrilles; Stoles; Fur stoles; Studs for football boots; Beachwear; Beach shoes; Stocking suspenders; Stockings; Stockings (Sweat-absorbent -); Heelpieces for stockings; Stocking suspenders; Tights; Sweaters; Tee-shirts; Togas; Pinafore dresses; Knitwear [clothing]; Singlets; Turbans; Topcoats; Uniforms; Sweat-absorbent underwear; Pants; Wetsuits for water-skiing; Waistcoats; Hosiery; Top hats.

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