ATTRAC - European Union Trademark Information

The trademark application for ATTRAC was filed on December 27, 2016, with 2 designated Nice Classes under EUTM trademark no. 016203572. The trademark was successfully registered on October 10, 2017.

Trademark holder POWRX GmbH was represented by Hans Baumann (EUIPO registered representative, ID no. 10494).

No oppositions were raised during the publication period (90 days starting July 3, 2017).

Current trademark registration will expire on December 27, 2026.

Trademark Name ATTRAC Trademark No. 016203572
Type Word Status Registered
Filling Date December 27, 2016 Registration Date October 10, 2017
NICE Classes 10, 28 Basis EUTM
Reference 551/16 Status Date October 12, 2017
Owner Information
Owner POWRX GmbH
Owner ID 801647
Legal Status Legal entity
Country DE
Address POWRX GmbH
Robert-Bosch-Str. 7
D-73257 Köngen
Representative Information
Representative Hans Baumann
Representative ID 10494
Legal Status Individual
Country DE
Address Dr. Hans Baumann
Königstr. 41
D-70173 Stuttgart
NICE CLASS Descriptions
Class Class Description
Medical, Dental Instruments and Apparatus

Pulse clocks; Physiotherapy apparatus; Sphygmomanometers; Diagnostic apparatus for medical purposes; Electric acupuncture instruments; Galvanic therapeutic appliances; Belts for orthopaedic purposes; Gloves for massage; Hot air therapeutic apparatus; Hot air vibrators for medical purposes; Blankets, electric, for medical purposes; Heating pads for medical purposes; Electric warming pads for medical use; Inhalers; Physical exercise apparatus, for medical purposes; Crutches; Massage apparatus; Orthopaedic shoes, other than shoe caps (toe caps and heel caps); Thermometers for medical purposes; Vibromassage apparatus; Aerosol dispensers; Testing apparatus for medical purposes; Bandages; elastic bandages for joints; Bandages for joints, anatomical; Beds specially made for medical purposes; Bed vibrators; Hydrostatic beds for medical purposes; Hernia bandages; Supports for flat feet; Ice bags for medical purposes; Electrodes for medical use; Feeding bottle receptacles; Feeding bottle teats; Belts, electric, for medical purposes; Belts for medical purposes; Gloves for medical purposes; Horsehair gloves for massage; Cushions for medical purposes; Air cushions for medical purposes; Pads (pouches) for preventing pressure sores on patient bodies; Knee bandages, orthopaedic; Condoms; Soporific pillows for insomnia; Air pillows for medical purposes; Stockings for varices; Medical apparatus for physiotherapy and physical exercise; Draw-sheets for sick beds; Lasers for medical purposes; Air mattresses for medical purposes; Esthetic massage apparatus; Mattresses for medical use; Orthopedic articles; Physical therapy equipment; Pumps for medical purposes; Apparatus for the treatment of deafness; Radiotherapy apparatus; Thermo-electric compresses; thermo-electric compressors [surgery]; Nebulizers for medical use.

Games, Toys, Sports Equipment

Motorised and hand-operated training apparatus; Racing track mats; Horse-riding machines; Vibration plates (sporting apparatus); Bodybuilding apparatus; Elbow guards (sport articles); Chest expanders [exercisers]; Exercise cycles; Gymnastic articles; Bar-bells; Fitness exercise machines; Balls; Baseball gloves; Leg guards (sporting articles); Bob-sleighs; Boxing gloves; Gut for rackets; Discuses for sports; Kites (sporting articles); Skates (ice- ); Protective elbow pads (sporting articles); Fencing gauntlets; Fencing masks; Fencing weapons; Shuttlecocks; Foils for fencing; Rifles (sporting articles); Weight lifting belts (sporting articles); Paragliders; Golf gloves; Golf clubs; Golf bags, with or without wheels; Climbers' harness; Hang gliders; Climbing belts (sporting articles); Knee guards (sport articles); Tennis nets; Darts; Paint guns (sporting articles); Quoits; Punching bags; Surfboard leashes; Slides [playthings]; Rollers for stationery exercise bicycles; Roller skates; Strings for rackets; Archery implements; Ice skates; boots with skates attached; Snow shoes; Snowboards; Flippers for swimming; Sole coverings for skis; Ski bindings; Skis; Edges of skis; Bags, specially adapted for skis and snowboards; Slot machines [gaming machines]; Toys; Rackets; Catapults (sporting articles); Masts for surfboards; Harness for sailboards; Golf club bags; Tennis ball throwing apparatus; Tables for table tennis; Indoor football tables; Clay pigeons [targets]; Clay pigeon traps; Spring boards (sporting articles); Waterskis.

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