#DoItTogether - European Union Trademark Information

The trademark application for #DoItTogether was filed on March 23, 2017, with 2 designated Nice Classes under EUTM trademark no. 016503931. The trademark was successfully registered on July 17, 2017.

Trademark holder WHIRLPOOL EMEA S.p.A. was represented by BUZZI, NOTARO & ANTONIELLI D'OULX (EUIPO registered representative, ID no. 12223).

No oppositions were raised during the publication period (90 days starting April 7, 2017).

Current trademark registration will expire on March 23, 2027.

Trademark Name #DoItTogether Trademark No. 016503931
Type Word Status Registered
Filling Date March 23, 2017 Registration Date July 17, 2017
NICE Classes 7, 11 Basis EUTM
Reference MUE1135-LM/cm Status Date July 19, 2017
Owner Information
Owner ID 218163
Legal Status Legal entity
Country IT
Via Carlo Pisacane 1
I-20016 Pero (MI)
Representative Information
Representative ID 12223
Legal Status Legal person
Country IT
Via Maria Vittoria, 18
I-10123 Torino
NICE CLASS Descriptions
Class Class Description
Machines and Machine Tools, Parts

Electric household and kitchen appliances, included in this class, namely washing machines with dryers, dry-cleaning machines, combined washer-dryers, washers, washing machines, dishwashers, clothes washing machines, washer-dryer machines, mixers (machines); Mixing apparatus for food and liquids, namely food mixing machines, electric utensils for mixing, stirring and blending liquids, mixers (machines) for liquids, aerators for liquids; Electric kitchen tools and kitchen machines; Choppers, electric kitchen apparatus and machines for crumbling, grating, grinding, crushing, scraping, mincing, pressing, mashing, cutting, slicing, kneading, emulsifying, blending, grating, beating, stirring, mixing or peeling food, including electric kitchen machines; Electric food slicers; Electric knives; Electric coffee mills; Coffee grinders (not hand-operated); Electric grinders; Beaters; Electric mixers for household purposes; Paste working machines; Centrifugal fruit juicers; juice extractors for fruits and vegetables; electric pasta makers; Food processors; Electric peelers for preparing food; machines for washing food; Electrically powered hand tools; Tin openers, electric knife sharpeners; Machines and apparatus for preparing beverages and/or meals, mechanical tapping devices (tapping apparatus) for beer; Apparatus for aerating beverages; Electric milk frothers; Electric coffee frothers; Electric waste disposal apparatus, namely garbage disposals and waste compactors; Ironing presses; Ironing machines, Included in class 7; Vacuum packing machines; Electric apparatus for cleaning windows and electric shoe cleaning apparatus; Hand held vacuum cleaners (Electric -); Wet and dry vacuum cleaners; Electric apparatus and machines for cleaning, including vacuum cleaners; Floor polishers; Carpet-beaters; Electric steam cleaning machines; Robots for household chores; Vacuum cleaner attachments for disseminating perfumes and disinfectants; Vacuum cleaner bags; Vacuum cleaner hoses; Polishing discs for use with electric floor polishers; Motors including electric motors (except for land vehicles); Sewing machines; Pumps, compressors and fans; Compressors for refrigeration and air conditioning; Compressors for drying machines, washing machines, dishwashers; Electrical pumps; condensing apparatus; Automatic vending machines; Dispensing machines; Valves; Filters for machines; Parts and fittings for the aforesaid goods included in this class.

Appliances, Lighting, Heating, Sanitary Installations

Electric household appliances, included in this class, namely equipment for cooking, heating, cooling and treating foodstuffs and beverages; Steam cookers; Cooking utensils, electric; Oven cooking apparatus; Apparatus for heating, steam generating and cooking; Cooking, roasting, frying, grilling, toasting, refrigerating, freezing, thawing and heating apparatus; Kettles; Slow-cookers; Waffle irons, electric; Cookers of all kinds; Ovens of all kinds for cooking of all kinds; Cooking hobs, Inset cooking tops; induction cooking apparatus; Barbecues, Appliances for smoking foodstuffs; Food dryers; Electric cooking utensils; Microwave ovens; Cooking rings; Toasters; Apparatus for grilling; Grills of all kinds; Grills; Electric food warmers; Steamers; Domestic gas cookers; Ceramic plates sold as parts of ovens; Stove burner covers; Spits [cooking apparatus]; Pizza ovens; Food warming drawers; Plate warmers; Rice cookers; Pasta cookers; Roasting jacks of all kinds; hot air cookers; Egg cookers; Baby bottle warmers; Bread baking machines; electric coffee beverage makers; Electric tea and coffee making apparatus; cappuccino makers; Coffee roasters; Espresso machines, Electric coffee urns; Vending machines for dispensing coffee, included in class 11; Electric coffee filters; Filters for electric tea and coffee machines, namely electric coffee filters, tea filters; Sandwich makers; Pizza makers; Electric skillets, Slow cookers; Flat heating elements; pot warmers; Electric yoghurt makers; Electric apparatus for making sorbets; Electric apparatus for making granitas; Ice cream makers; apparatus for cooking crepes; Waffle makers; Electric kettles; Kettles; Electric hot drink makers; Apparatus for preparing and dispensing cold beverages and soups and/or food, electric pressure cooking saucepans; Pressure cookers; Electric deep fryers; Refrigerators; Portable refrigerators; Refrigerating cabinets; Freezers; Refrigerated display cases; Cold cabinets; refrigerating apparatus for beverages; Combined fridge/freezer apparatus; Deep freezing apparatus; temperature controlled wine cellars; Ice machines and apparatus; Refrigerated beverage dispensing units [other than vending]; Hot air blowers; Laundry dryers, electric; Apparatus for ventilating and drying, In particular including laundry dryers; Drying machines for laundry, Hand driers, Electrical appliances for body care, hair care and beauty care; Hair driers [dryers]; Apparatus including anti-crease devices for garments; Apparatus for ventilating, in particular fans; Filters; Extractor hood apparatus and covers for extractor hoods, Exhaust hoods for kitchens; Air-conditioning apparatus and devices for improving air quality; Humidifiers; Dehumidifiers; Air conditioning apparatus; Air deodorising apparatus, fragrance dispensing apparatus (not for personal use); Ventilating fans, Portable electric fans, Furnace boilers, Heat exchangers; Apparatus and machines for the purification of water and air; refrigerator water filtration apparatus; Reverse osmosis devices for use in water conditioning apparatus; under sink water filtration systems; Water softening apparatus; apparatus for dispensing hot, cold, boiling, sparkling and filtered water; Filters for ice making apparatus; Filters for water supply apparatus; Machines and apparatus for air conditioning and water conditioning; Water heaters; Accumulation heaters and Instantaneous water heaters; Blankets, electric, not for medical purposes; Electric and gas-powered water heaters; Sinks; Taps [faucets]; Kitchen sinks; Heat pumps; Valves included in this class; Filters included in this class; Mixers; Parts and accessories for the above-mentioned goods included in this class.

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