TAMA ENT. TOKYO JAPAN - European Union Trademark Information

The trademark application for TAMA ENT. TOKYO JAPAN was filed on April 4, 2017, with 1 designated Nice Class under EUTM trademark no. 016550733. The trademark was successfully registered on August 19, 2017.

Trademark holder Tama Enterprises Co., Ltd was represented by BREVALEX (EUIPO registered representative, ID no. 12783).

No oppositions were raised during the publication period (90 days starting May 3, 2017).

Current trademark registration will expire on April 4, 2027.

Trademark Name TAMA ENT. TOKYO JAPAN Trademark No. 016550733
Type Figurative Status Registered
Filling Date April 4, 2017 Registration Date August 19, 2017
NICE Classes 9 Basis EUTM
Reference MA21089EM Status Date August 19, 2017
Owner Information
Owner Tama Enterprises Co., Ltd
Owner ID 147619
Legal Status Legal entity
Country JP
Address Tama Enterprises Co., Ltd
59-2, Nakasato 6-chome, Kiyose-shi
Tokyo 204-0003
Representative Information
Representative BREVALEX
Representative ID 12783
Legal Status Legal person
Country FR
95, rue d'Amsterdam
F-75378 Paris Cedex 8
NICE CLASS Descriptions
Class Class Description
Computers, Software, Electronic instruments, & Scientific appliances

Thermostats, bimetal-switches, thermo-sensors, reed switches, wax-switches.

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