PECUCEL - European Union Trademark Information

The trademark application for PECUCEL was filed on April 10, 2017, with 1 designated Nice Class under EUTM trademark no. 016585961. The trademark was successfully registered on October 10, 2017.

Trademark application with the EUIPO claimed priority of an earlier filing in Germany on February 20, 2017 with a trademark application number 302017205862.

Trademark holder Duotec Medical GmbH was not represented by any third party.

No oppositions were raised during the publication period (90 days starting July 3, 2017).

Current trademark registration will expire on April 10, 2027.

Trademark Name PECUCEL Trademark No. 016585961
Type Word Status Registered
Filling Date April 10, 2017 Registration Date October 10, 2017
NICE Classes 5 Basis EUTM
Reference Status Date October 12, 2017
Owner Information
Owner Duotec Medical GmbH
Owner ID 823755
Legal Status Legal entity
Country DE
Address Duotec Medical GmbH
Dr.-Kurt-Huber-Str. 6
D-82031 Gruenwald
NICE CLASS Descriptions
Class Class Description
Pharmaceutical, Veterinary Products, Dietetic

Nutritional supplements.

Country Number Date Status
Germany 302017205862 February 20, 2017 CLAIMED

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