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Pami trademark registration was filed on April 28, 2017, and the mark was successfully registered with the EUIPO on October 10, 2017 under EUTM trademark no. 016668337.

There were no raised oppositions across the publication period. The 90 day opposition period for this mark starts on July 3, 2017.

Expiration date for the current trademark registration is April 28, 2027.

Trademark Name Pami Trademark No. 016668337
Type Figurative Status Registered
Filling Date April 28, 2017 Registration Date October 10, 2017
NICE Classes 29, 30 Basis EUTM
Reference Status Date October 12, 2017
Owner Information
Owner ID 827731
Legal Status Legal entity
Country GR
38, Konstantin Karamanlis Ave
GR-546 39 Thessaloniki
NICE CLASS Descriptions
Class Class Description
Foods - Dairy, Meat, Fish, Processed & Preserved Foods

Processed fruits, fungi and vegetables (including nuts and pulses); Soups and stocks, meat extracts; Oils and fats.

Foods - Spices, Bakery Goods, Ice, Confectionery

Cereal bars and energy bars; Almond confectionery; Almonds covered in chocolate; Bakery goods; Pastries, cakes, tarts and biscuits (cookies); Boiled confectionery; Chocolate; Chocolate bark containing ground coffee beans; Chocolate based products; Chocolate coated fruits; Chocolate coated macadamia nuts; Chocolate coated nougat bars; Chocolate-based spreads; Chocolate waffles; Chocolate with Japanese horseradish; Chocolate with alcohol; Chocolate-coated nuts; Chocolates; Coated nuts [confectionery]; Croissants; Dairy confectionery; Decorations [edible] for christmas trees; Halvah; Ice confectionery; Imitation chocolate; Instant dessert puddings; Jam buns; Non-medicated confectionery products; Non-medicated flour confectionery coated with imitation chocolate; Wafered pralines; Waffles; Waffles with a chocolate coating; Sweets (candy), candy bars and chewing gum; Aerated chocolate; Candy; Crème caramel; Non-medicated confectionery in the shape of eggs; Ready-to-eat puddings; Salt crackers; Coffee, teas and cocoa and substitutes therefor; Candy coated popcorn; Caramel coated popcorn; Caramel coated popcorn with candied nuts; Cereal snack foods flavoured with cheese; Cereal-based snack food; Cheese curls [snacks]; Cheese flavored puffed corn snacks; Chocolate-based ready-to-eat food bars; Corn kernels being toasted; Corn, roasted; Corn chips; Filled bread rolls; Flavoured popcorn; Popcorn; Prepared foodstuffs in the form of sauces; Pretzels; Processed unpopped popcorn; Puffed corn snacks; Ready to eat savory snack foods made from maize meal formed by extrusion; Rice-based snack food; Sesame snacks; Snack food products consisting of cereal products; Snack food products made from cereal starch; Snack food products made from maize flour; Snack food products made from rice flour; Snack food products made from rusk flour; Snack food products made from soya flour; Snack food products made from cereal flour; Snack food products made from potato flour; Snack foods consisting principally of extruded cereals; Snack foods made from corn; Snacks manufactured from muesli; Snack foods prepared from maize; Snack foods made of whole wheat; Snack foods made from wheat; Snack foods made from corn and in the form of rings; Snack foods made from corn and in the form of puffs; Ice, ice creams, frozen yogurts and sorbets; Processed grains, starches, and goods made thereof, baking preparations and yeasts; Salts, seasonings, flavourings and condiments; Sugars, natural sweeteners, sweet coatings and fillings, bee products; Chocolate confectionery containing pralines; Chocolate confectionery having a praline flavour; Chocolate creams; Chocolate decorations for cakes; Chocolate decorations for christmas trees; Chocolate decorations for confectionery items; Chocolate flavoured confectionery; Chocolate flavourings; Chocolate fondue; Chocolate for confectionery and bread; Chocolate for toppings; Chocolate marzipan; Chocolate mousses; Chocolate spreads; Chocolate spreads containing nuts; Chocolate spreads for use on bread; Chocolate topping; Chocolate vermicelli; Cocoa based creams in the form of spreads; Cocoa-based ingredients for confectionery products; Confectionery; Confectionery chips for baking; Confectionery containing jam; Confectionery containing jelly; Confectionery for decorating Christmas trees; Confectionery having liquid fruit fillings; Confectionery having liquid spirit fillings; Confectionery having wine fillings; Confectionery ices; Confectionery in frozen form; Confectionery in liquid form; Confectionery items coated with chocolate; Crackers; Crackers flavoured with fruit; Dessert mousses [confectionery]; Flavoured sugar confectionery; Foods with a cocoa base; Foodstuffs containing chocolate [as the main constituent]; Foodstuffs containing cocoa [as the main constituent]; Frozen confectionery containing ice cream; Frozen confections on a stick; Frozen dairy confections; Fruit jellies [confectionery]; Ginseng confectionery; Fruited scones; Liqueur chocolates; Liquorice flavoured confectionery; Marshmallow topping; Marzipan; Marzipan substitutes; Meringues; Mint flavoured confectionery (Non-medicated -); Mousse confections; Muesli desserts; Non-medicated chocolate; Non-medicated chocolate confectionery; Non-medicated confectionery containing chocolate; Non-medicated confectionery containing milk; Non-medicated confectionery for use as part of a calorie controlled diet; Non-medicated confectionery having a milk flavour; Non-medicated confectionery having toffee fillings; Non-medicated confectionery in jelly form; Non-medicated mint confectionery; Nougat; Nut confectionery; Pavlovas made with hazelnuts; Peanut brittle; Peanut butter confectionery chips; Peanut confectionery; Preparations for making of sugar confectionery; Prepared desserts [chocolate based]; Prepared desserts [confectionery]; Sandwich spread made from chocolate and nuts; Snack foods consisting principally of confectionery; Truffles (rum -) [confectionery]; Truffles [confectionery]; Turkish delight; Turkish delight coated in chocolate.

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