MINCHEDA - European Union Trademark Information

The trademark application for MINCHEDA was filed on May 4, 2017, with 1 designated Nice Class under EUTM trademark no. 016678583. The trademark was successfully registered on October 10, 2017.

Trademark holder Shen Zhen Shi Ba Da Li Mao Yi You Xian Gong Si was represented by THE TRADE MARKS BUREAU (EUIPO registered representative, ID no. 25420).

No oppositions were raised during the publication period (90 days starting July 3, 2017).

Current trademark registration will expire on May 4, 2027.

Trademark Name MINCHEDA Trademark No. 016678583
Type Word Status Registered
Filling Date May 4, 2017 Registration Date October 10, 2017
NICE Classes 10 Basis EUTM
Reference MINCHEDA Status Date October 12, 2017
Owner Information
Owner Shen Zhen Shi Ba Da Li Mao Yi You Xian Gong Si
Owner ID 828475
Legal Status Legal entity
Country CN
Address Shen Zhen Shi Ba Da Li Mao Yi You Xian Gong Si
Guangfa Dasha 701, Xinhu Lu, Xixiang Jiedao
Bao'an Qu, Shenzhen Shi
Representative Information
Representative ID 25420
Legal Status Legal person
Country GB
3rd Floor
14 Hanover Street
Hanover Square
London W1S 1YH
NICE CLASS Descriptions
Class Class Description
Medical, Dental Instruments and Apparatus

Abdominal belts; Acupuncture instruments; Acupuncture needles; Corsets for medical purposes; Corsets for therapeutic use; Cosmetic apparatus using ultrasound for performing aesthetic skin treatment procedures; Cosmetic apparatus, namely, light based devices providing mainly pulsed light for performing non-ablative aesthetic skin treatment procedures; Elastic stockings; Elastic stockings for surgical purposes; Elastic stockings for surgical use; Electrically-powered apparatus for treating skin by applying low level light and sonic vibrations to the skin; Electronic aesthetic skin treatment devices using light emitting diodes, namely, infrared, red, orange, yellow, green, and blue wavelengths for generating light rays; Electronic light therapy apparatus for the skin; Electronic medical appliances for wound healing; Electronic stimulation apparatus for nerves, skin and muscles for physical therapy purposes; Face masks for use by health care providers; Feeding bottles; Inhalers for medical purposes; Lasers for the cosmetic treatment of the face and skin; Light emitting devices, namely, lamps and LED devices for treatment of a variety of skin conditions; Massage apparatus; Medical apparatus for facilitating the inhalation of pharmaceutical preparations; Medical apparatus for measuring skin hydration; Medical diagnostic apparatus, analytical apparatus for medical purposes and blood pressure measuring apparatus; Medical electrodes; Microdermabrasion apparatus; Orthopedic apparatus and instruments for diagnostic and therapeutic use; Pacifiers for babies; Phototherapeutic apparatus for medical purposes, namely, a LED light source for medical and aesthetic skin treatments; Phototherapeutic apparatus for medical purposes; Post-operative pressure garments; Pulse measuring devices; Pulse meters; Pulse rate monitors; Sphygmomanometers; Stethoscopes and sphygmomanometers; Strait jackets; Surgical apparatus and instruments for medical, dental or veterinary use; Teething rings; Thermometers for medical purposes; Tips for crutches for invalids; Ultraviolet lamps for medical purposes; Vaporizers for medical purposes; Walking aids for disabled persons, namely, walking frames; Walking frames for disabled persons; Maternity support belts for medical purposes; Teats.

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