Lichtbewusstsein - European Union Trademark Information

The trademark application for Lichtbewusstsein was filed on May 21, 2017, with 5 designated Nice Classes under EUTM trademark no. 016748162. The trademark was successfully registered on October 10, 2017.

Trademark holder Wared, David was represented by Stephan Kohlhof (EUIPO registered representative, ID no. 43292).

No oppositions were raised during the publication period (90 days starting July 3, 2017).

Current trademark registration will expire on May 21, 2027.

Trademark Name Lichtbewusstsein Trademark No. 016748162
Type Word Status Registered
Filling Date May 21, 2017 Registration Date October 10, 2017
NICE Classes 35, 41, 43, 44, 45 Basis EUTM
Reference 17006EU Status Date October 12, 2017
Owner Information
Owner David Wared
Owner ID 742760
Legal Status Physical person
Country DE
Address David Wared
Stresemannstraße 43
D-40210 Düsseldorf
Representative Information
Representative Stephan Kohlhof
Representative ID 43292
Legal Status Individual
Country DE
Address Stephan Kohlhof
Hansaallee 30
D-40547 Düsseldorf
NICE CLASS Descriptions
Class Class Description
Advertising, Business Consulting

Business analysis, research and information services; Business assistance, management and administrative services; Commercial trading and consumer information services; Advertising, marketing and promotional services; Marketing studies; Collection and systematization of business data; Rental of office machines; Business consultancy and advisory services; Human resources management and recruitment services; Clerical services; Accountancy, book keeping and auditing; Administrative data processing; Business management; Business planning services; Business management organisation; Arranging of presentations for business purposes; Business project management; Business assistance; Assistance relating to business organisation; Corporate management assistance; Retailing and wholesaling in the fields of agricultural, horticultural and forestry products, soaps, perfumery, essential oils, cosmetics, hair lotions, pharmaceuticals, veterinary preparations, sanitary preparations for medical purposes, dietetic substances adapted for medical use, food for babies, jewellery, printed matter, photographs, stationery, artists' materials, instructional and teaching material, textiles and textile goods; Retailing and wholesaling in the fields of clothing, footwear, headgear, lace and embroidery, games and playthings, gymnastic and sporting articles, meat, fish, poultry and game, meat extracts, preserved, frozen, dried and cooked fruits and vegetables, jellies, jams, compotes, eggs, milk and milk products, edible oils and fats, coffee, tea, cocoa, sugar, rice, flour and preparations made from cereals, bread, pastries and confectionery; Retailing and wholesaling in the fields of edible ices, Honey, Salt, Mustard, Vinegar, Sauces (condiment), Spices, Ice, agriculture, horticulture, forestry products and grains, Live animals, fresh fruits and vegetables, Seeds, Natural plants and flowers, Of beer, Mineral and aerated waters and other non-alcoholic drinks, Fruit drinks and fruit juices, Syrups and other preparations for making beverages; Retailing and wholesaling in the fields of alcoholic beverages (except beers), Tobacco, articles for use with tobacco, Matches, Chemical products, Paints, Pharmacy articles, Cosmetics and Housewares, Goods for the health sector, Namely dietary supplements and homeopathic preparations, Garden article, Craft supplies, Sound recording carriers and data carriers, Writing supplies, Furnishings and Decorative articles, Articles of clothing, Shoes and textile products, Toys, Sporting goods, Foodstuffs and beverages; Retailing and wholesaling in the fields of agricultural products, Horticultural products, Tobacco products.

Education, Amusement, Entertainment, Reproduction

Education, entertainment and sport services; Publishing and reporting; Audio and video production, and photography; Library services; Education and instruction; Education services relating to therapeutic treatments; Educational instruction; Training or education services in the field of life coaching; Educational services in the nature of beauty schools; Training in communication techniques; Education services in the nature of courses at the university level; Dietary education services; Education services relating to communication skills; Education services relating to conservation; Education services relating to fashion; Education services related to the arts; Provision of language schools and language courses; Education services relating to business training; Vocational skills training; Training services relating to design; Medical education services; Educational services relating to dancing; Educational services relating to management; Education services relating to industry; Education services relating to the development of childrens' intellectual faculties; Provision of instruction relating to exercise; Providing of training in the field of health care and nutrition; Education services relating to the development of childrens' mental faculties; Provision of training facilities for young people; Training and further training consultancy; Education information; Provision of training and education; Educational and instruction services relating to arts and crafts; Educational and instruction services relating to sport; Adult education services relating to management; Training and instruction; Educational and training services relating to sport; Educational services relating to beauty therapy; School services for the teaching of art; Educational services for providing courses of instruction; Education services relating to vocational training; Educational services provided by institutes of further education; Education and training consultancy; Consultancy services relating to vocational skills; Consultancy services relating to the education and training of management and of personnel; Management training consultancy services; Information relating to sports education; Consultation services relating to business education; Consultancy services relating to the training of employees; Consultancy services relating to the design of training courses; Consultancy services relating to the analysis of training requirements; Physical fitness consultation; Advice relating to medical training; Consultancy and information services relating to arranging, conducting and organisation of workshops; Providing on-line information and news in the field of employment training; Training; Vocational guidance [education or training advice]; Career counselling and coaching; Vocational education and training services; Provision of training facilities; Institutes of education (Services provided by -); Provision of facilities for education; School services; Provision of facilities for tuition; Coaching; Educational advisory services; Coaching [training]; Educational institute services; Education academy services; Providing facilities for educational purposes; Beauty school services; Higher education services; Conducting of exhibitions for educational purposes; Conducting of exhibitions for recreation purposes; Adult training; Provision of instruction relating to nutrition; Conducting of correspondence courses; Educational establishments providing courses of instruction (Services of -); Conducting of educational courses relating to business; Residential education courses; Personal development courses; Courses for the development of consulting skills; Providing continuing medical education courses; Provision of medical instruction courses; Medical training and teaching; Provision of training services for business; Instruction in cosmetic beauty; Provision of skill assessment courses; Providing courses of instruction for young people; Provision of training courses for young people in preparation for careers; Conducting training seminars for clients; Life coaching (training); Training services relating to fitness; Personal development training; Vocational education relating to avoidance of health related problems; Conducting instructional courses; Self-awareness courses [instruction]; Organisation of seminars; Educational seminars relating to beauty therapy; Provision of training courses in personal development; Conducting workshops [training]; Development of courses, Conducting of examinations and qualification initiatives; Production of course material distributed at professional courses; Production of course material distributed at professional seminars; Development of educational materials; Provision of educational health and fitness information; Conducting classes in nutrition; Academies [education]; Tuition; Educational services provided for children; Educational and teaching services; Correspondence courses; Recreation and training services; Education services relating to health; Health and wellness training; Physical training services; Tuition in management; Management education services; Courses (Training -) relating to management; Education services relating to meditation; Education services relating to medicine; Arranging and conducting of meetings in the field of education; Arranging and conducting educational conferences; Arranging and conducting of training courses; Arranging and conducting of day school courses for adults; Conducting of instructional seminars; Organisation of educational events; Organisation of correspondence courses; Organisation of conferences relating to vocational training; Organisation of teaching activities; Arranging of courses of instruction; Organisation of examinations to grade level of achievement; Arrangement of seminars for educational purposes; Organisation of seminars relating to education; Organising of business training; Organisation of continuing educational seminars; Organising of educational lectures; Arranging of workshops; Organisation of examinations [educational]; Advisory services relating to education; Beauty arts instruction; Educational services relating to physical fitness; Instructional and training services; Tuition in acupuncture; Tuition in homeopathy; Instruction in body grooming; Teaching of beauty skills; Continuous training; Sports and fitness; Training of sports players; Supervision of physical exercise; Provision of facilities for group exercise; Providing facilities for sports recreation; Personal trainer services; Sporting services; Instruction courses relating to physical fitness; Keep fit instruction services; Instruction in group exercise; Provision of educational services relating to exercise; Provision of gymnastic instruction; Provision of educational services relating to fitness; Instruction courses relating to sporting activities; Sports instruction services; Keep-fit instruction; Exercise [fitness] training services; Exercise [fitness] advisory services; Gymnastic instruction; Strength and conditioning training; Tuition in physical fitness; Sporting and recreational activities; Educational services relating to sports; Sports coaching; Tuition in sports; Sporting education services; Sporting activities; Exercise classes; Exercise instruction; Instruction in sporting activities; Physical fitness instruction; Gym activity classes; Gambling; Providing casino facilities; Theatrical floor shows provided at performance venues; Performance of dance, music and drama; Advisory services relating to entertainment; Recreation information; Hosting of fantasy sports leagues; Party planning consultation; Presentation of ballets; Special event planning consultation; Consultancy and information services relating to arranging, conducting and organisation of concerts; Consultancy services in the field of entertainment; Providing a computer game that may be accessed by users on a global network and/or the internet; Providing a computer game that may be accessed network-wide by network users; Providing kara-oke facilities; Providing digital music from the internet; Providing on-line reviews of books; Provision of leisure facilities; Art gallery services; Nursery schools; Club services [entertainment or education]; Provision of recreational areas; Running of museums; Provision of club entertainment services; Provision of amusement facilities; Music performances; Staging of light entertainment productions; Recreation facilities (Providing -); Leisure services; Educational services provided by schools; Provision of recreational activities; Cultural activities; Cultural services; Sporting and cultural activities; Organisation of recreational activities; Organisation of events for cultural, entertainment and sporting purposes; Provision of sports and recreational services; Entertainment; Advisory services relating to publishing; Provision of electronic publications (not downloadable); Providing on-line publications; Providing electronic publications; Publishing services, except printing; Publishing of reviews; Electronic text publishing services; Electronic publication of texts and printed matter, other than publicity texts, on the Internet; Provision of information relating to publishing; Publication of calendars of events; Publication of printed matter and printed publications; Publication of printed matter, also in electronic form, except for advertising purposes; Publication of printed matter, other than publicity texts, in electronic form; Publication of printed matter; Publication of manuals; Publication of audio books; Publication of texts; Publication of texts and images, including in electronic form, except for advertising purposes; Publication of texts, other than publicity texts; Issue of publications; Publishing by electronic means; Publishing of medical publications; Multimedia publishing of books; Multimedia publishing of printed matter; Multimedia publishing of magazines, journals and newspapers; Providing on-line electronic publications, not downloadable; Providing on-line non-downloadable general feature magazines; Electronic online publication of periodicals and books; Publication of electronic books and journals on-line; On-line publication of electronic books and journals (non-downloadable); Publishing services for books and magazines; Publication of newspapers, periodicals, catalogs and brochures; Newspaper publication; Publishing of electronic publications; Editorial consultation; Writing and publishing of texts, other than publicity texts; Writing of texts; Writing of texts, other than publicity texts, for broadcast via teletext services; Writing services for blogs; Writing of texts, other than publicity texts; Publishing services; Publishing services (including electronic publishing services); Publication of educational texts; Publication and edition of books; Publication of books; Publication of printed matter in electronic form; Digital video, audio and multimedia entertainment publishing services; Publication of educational books; Publication of text books; Publication of instructional literature; Publication of medical texts.

Services for providing food and drink; temporary accommodations.

Providing food and drink; Providing temporary accommodation; Catering for the provision of food and beverages; Banqueting services; Consulting services in the field of culinary arts; Consultancy services relating to food; Providing personalized meal planning services via a website; Providing drink services; Bar services; Provision of information relating to the preparation of food and drink; Bistro services; Food and drink catering for cocktail parties; Personal chef services; Hospitality services [food and drink]; Services for the preparation of food and drink; Corporate hospitality (provision of food and drink); Food sculpting; Mobile catering services; Restaurants; Cafés; Serving food and drinks.

Medical services; veterinary services; hygienic and beauty care for human beings or animals.

Animal healthcare services; Human healthcare services; Human hygiene and beauty care; Agriculture, aquaculture, horticulture and forestry services; Animal grooming; Mental health services; Medical services; Pharmaceutical services; Managed health care services; Providing information about dietary supplements and nutrition; Providing information relating to dietary and nutritional supplements; Providing information relating to moxibustion; Providing information relating to dietary and nutritional guidance; Providing information relating to acupuncture; Supervision of weight reduction programmes; Providing information relating to physical examinations; Providing information relating to traditional Japanese massage; Providing information relating to chiropractics; Arranging of accommodation in rest homes; Arranging of accommodation in sanatoria; Arranging of accommodation in convalescent homes; Exercise facilities for health rehabilitation purposes (Provision of -); Therapy services; Rental of hospital equipment; Therapeutical pilates; Therapeutic treatment of the body; Therapeutic treatment of the face; Addiction treatment services; Stress management services; Voice and speech therapy services; Speech therapy; Oxygen bar services; Physical therapy; Weight-reduction programmes (Planning of -); Health care in the nature of health maintenance organizations; Health care relating to chiropraxis; Provision of health care services in domestic homes; Hydrotherapy; Homeopathic clinical services; Home health care services; Home nursing aid services; Physical rehabilitation; Providing long-term care facilities; Meditation services; Medical and healthcare services; Dietetic counselling services [medical]; Music therapy for physical, psychological and cognitive purposes; Home-visit nursing care; Providing information about beauty; Slimming treatment services; Consultancy in the field of body and beauty care; Consultation services relating to skin care; Consultancy services relating to beauty; Advisory services relating to beauty treatment; Advice relating to hair care; Spas; Services for the care of the skin; Services for the care of the face; Cosmetics consultancy services; Cosmetic facial and body treatment services; Hygienic care for human beings; Hygienic and beauty care; Beauty care; Beauty care for human beings; Beauty consultancy; Horticulture, gardening and landscaping; Farming (crops); Farming (animals); Cultivation advisory services relating to agriculture; Floral design; Landscape design.

Personal and social services rendered by others to meet the needs of individuals

Safety, rescue, security and enforcement services; Astrological and spiritual services; Funeral services; Religious services; Detective agency services; Dating services; Rental of clothing; Adoption agency services; Adoption placement; Genealogical research; Dog walking services; Animal adoption services; Providing fashion information; Fashion information; Baby sitting; Escort services; Chaperoning; Mentoring [spiritual]; Personal fashion consulting services; Consulting in the field of personal relationships; Personal wardrobe styling consultancy; Providing emotional support to cancer patients and their families via interactive online forums; Providing personal support services for families of patients with life threatening disorders; Providing personal support services for cancer patients and their families; Social escort agency services; Doula services; Provison of emotional support to families; Wedding chapel services; Providing wedding officiant services; Marriage guidance counselling; Marriage counseling and coaching; Lost and found bureau services; Personal letter writing; Maintaining lists of wedding presents for selection by others; Cat feeding services [in owners absence]; Genealogical services; Companionship services for the elderly and disabled; House sitting; Pet sitting; Preparation of customized gift boxes; Lobbying services, other than for commercial purposes; On-line social networking services; Online social networking services accessible by means of downloadable mobile applications; Fostering of children; Personal shopper services; Personal gift selection for others; Personal wardrobe styling services; Providing and conducting non-denominational, non-religious civil marriage ceremonies; Planning and arranging of wedding ceremonies; Political lobbying services; Lost property return; Releasing doves for special occasions; Foster care; Guardianship services; Providing clothing to needy persons [charitable services]; Providing patient advocate services to hospital patients and patients in long term care facilities; Providing shoes to needy persons [charitable services].

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