About Trademarkers

Trademarkers is a leading international brand protection company that specializes in global trademark registration. Our accredited and internationally respected lawyers have helped numerous customers protect their brands and intellectual property worldwide.

Our clients range from individuals who wish to protect one idea in one country, to intellectual property attorneys with multiple clients, to large businesses trademarking their brands throughout entire industries globally.

Why Trademarkers?

We have a team of lawyers, with years of experience in Trademark Registrations, which allows us to assure you:

  • Competent professionals will perform all necessary procedures for the registration of your trademark
  • You will receive timely information regarding updates to the process from dedicated account representatives
  • If objections arise in the registration process (opposition, refusal, etc.), knowledgeable lawyers will advise you on the appropriate course of action
  • You can follow the interim status of your trademark in real­time, from application to registration, through a secure member’s section
  • All information provided to us will be kept in absolute confidentiality ­ please view our confidentiality policy

Start your Trademark Study today!

This report is optional but highly recommended.
Before filing your trademark, it is important that you evaluate possible obstacles that may arise during the registration process. Our Trademark Comprehensive Study will not only list similar trademarks {graphic/phonetic} that may conflict with yours, but also give you an Attorney's opinion about registration possibilities.