Copyrights vs Trademarks - What is the difference?

Copyrights protect an original work of authorship that has been fixed in a tangible form. Copyright, however, doesn't protect ideas – these are protected by patents – rather. This protects the medium of expression, the actual thing that you've created. Trademarks, on the other hand, protect the brand identity. So if you sell a product or service and you have a name or logo for these then the trademark can protect your name or logo and protect your business so that no one else will use your name or brand to sell their products or services. Even though they're both under the heading of intellectual property, they are completely different types of intellectual property that rarely cross over. So, don't walk in and ask your lawyer to file a copyright for the product name that you have chosen. Ask him or her to file a trademark instead as trademark rights will protect your brand.

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