EUIPO and Local Member State Trademark Registrations

EUIPO was created as a decentralized agency of the EU to offer intellectual property rights protection to businesses and individuals across the EU. These EU intellectual property rights leaves national trade mark systems unaffected, and businesses and individuals are free to file a national trade mark or an EU trade mark, or both. Registering at the EUIPO confers protection to all 28 member states of the EU. This will automatically extend to any new EU member states without any additional formalities or fees. The wider protection afforded a registration at the EUIPO also means that there will be wider avenues of potential objections and/or challenges to the trade mark registration. Even though the application fees would be higher than the UKIPO, due to the wider protection afforded by a registration at the EUIPO, there is value for money. Lastly, the EU and national trade mark systems are additional to the WIPO systems, and the priority claims afforded by the Paris convention. Furthermore, the existence of the EU trade mark system is in line with the harmonization of trade mark regulations within the European Union.

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